Christian Aid Week…

…this year is from 15-21 May. Please do visit their website here, and note that we have been invited to support the Plant Sale and Café being held in support of Christian Aid from 10:00-12:30 on Saturday 21st May at St Mary’s Church, Church Road, Bishopstoke. We shall also be holding a Big Brekkie at 08:30 on Saturday 21st May in St Peter’s. Come and enjoy a good breakfast, fellowship and learning about the work of Christian Aid – all welcome! If you are able to help with this, please get in touch with Sue or Stephen.

Messy Church

Our next Messy Church will be at 16:00 on Sunday 12 June in St Peter’s – put the date in your diary!
The theme will be “Messy Jubilee”, celebrating the 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. The service will be café style with a separate table for each family to sit at. There will be lots of crafts, songs, prayers and dinner for everyone!
We will take bookings for this Messy Church, so if you’d like to join us, please get in touch with Hannah Hiscock or Sue Clarke, letting them know how many adults and children will be attending.

Stay & Play

We still need to enlarge the team of helpers for S&P to ensure that we can safely continue to offer this ministry to the community in future. If you would like to know more, please speak to one of the existing volunteers – Pat, Robin, Marie-Laure, Stephen, Vanessa, Karol or Katie. We’ll need to go through an appointment process, including obtaining a DBS check.
On Friday St Peter’s was buzzing with 34 youngsters plus their Mums/carers! We also said farewell and thanks to Rochelle Baverey at her last Stay and Play, before she takes up her new post in a pre-school in Colden Common. Rochelle has led Stay and Play since 2018 and we will miss her! Going forward Karol Cooper will be leading, assisted by the rest of the team, and we have some new volunteer helpers to welcome next Friday.
One of the blessings of Stay and Play is that it sometimes leads to a baptism enquiry. We currently have enquiries about six children being baptised at St Peter’s! Do pray for these six youngsters, their parents and godparents, that through their engagement in the baptism preparation and the services they attend, they will know the love of God in Jesus, and that together we will all grow in faith.

Vaccination Centre at St Peter’s

St Peter's receiving donation from Medicine Clinic LtdLast weekend Pat Ball, our Acting Treasurer, confirmed that the PCC had received an unrestricted charitable donation of £5436.28 from Medicine Clinic Ltd, the pharmacy company that has been hiring St Peter’s for the operation of the vaccination centre from late January 2021 till 31 March 2022. This is in addition to the rent due under the hire agreement. We are very grateful for this generous donation, to Mitesh Patel and his colleagues, and indeed for the opportunity over this period to support the vaccination programme which has helped to protect our community. We have heard that Bishop Debbie will be coming on 1 June to lead a service of thanksgiving for the vaccination programme and the work of the centre at St Peter’s, praying for those who have suffered or have been bereaved in our community – and it will be our privilege to welcome back for that occasion the staff and volunteers of the centre, as well as the wider community of Boyatt Wood.

We have heard that Bishop Debbie will be coming on 1 June to lead a service of thanksgiving for the vaccination programme and the work of the centre at St Peter’s, praying for those who have suffered or have been bereaved in our community – and it will be our privilege to welcome back for that occasion the staff and volunteers of the centre, as well as the wider community of Boyatt Wood.

Report from the Annual Parochial Church Meeting

We had a good meeting last Thursday 7th April – nine people were present for the elections and consideration of the annual reports for 2021, which can be downloaded by clicking here. The results of the elections were:
Churchwarden – elected Stephen Collyer, leaving one vacancy
PCC members – elected Jan Beal, Jim Arnett, and Katie Arnett, leaving one vacancy
Deanery Synod member – elected Hannah Hiscock
Among all the discussions we expressed our gratitude to Pat Ball, present via Zoom, whose term on the PCC ended at the meeting, and who wasn’t standing for re-election. Pat has been a longstanding and faithful member of the PCC over the years, serving in many different roles. Most recently she has served as PCC Treasurer, albeit during this last year in an acting capacity while we identify her successor, and she will step down from that role at the next meeting of the PCC on 19 May. We are very grateful for all that she has contributed to the life of St Peter’s in many roles, and wish her well as she takes a well-earned rest!
At the next meeting of the PCC we will need to appoint a PCC Treasurer and a PCC Secretary – both key roles as we seek to live out our calling to be beacons of God’s presence in our community. If you would like to know more about either role, please ask any member of the PCC – please do be praying about whether you are being called to serve in one of these roles or whether you might encourage someone else to take up one of these roles. It is probable that those volunteering for these roles would be offered co-option on to the PCC, if not already a member.

Calling musicians – instrumentalists and singers!

A few of us are thinking that Easter Sunday would be an appropriate time for the St Peter’s Music Group to re-start its involvement in Sunday worship. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch with Stephen.

Do you feel called to get more involved at St Peter’s?

If your answer is “yes”, or you would like to talk this over, please get in touch with Sue Clarke or Stephen Collyer. Before we know it, it will time for our annual parochial church meeting, when among other things people are elected or appointed to various voluntary roles in the church family. Do pray about whether you wish to serve in a new way, or about whether you might encourage someone else to serve. There is always room for more! While our collective calling to share the love of God with the people of Boyatt Wood remains a constant, how we do this and who will be involved may change this year, as our vacancy comes to an end.


We have a new safeguarding telephone number

Katie Arnett, our recently-appointed Parish Safeguarding Officer, now has a dedicated mobile phone (provided by the PCC) for us to call her on with any safeguarding concerns. As we all know, keeping each other safe, and particularly children and vulnerable adults, is a responsibility which each of us carries – and should you have a safeguarding concern whether within the church community or not, please refer it to Katie on this number: 07513 377094. Katie has access to the Diocesan Safeguarding Manager and her team, giving us confidence that any referrals we make to Katie will be dealt with effectively and appropriately.

Climate change, global warming, carbon net-zero, declining biodiversity – what can we do?

These issues seem overwhelming at the moment – they have of course been growing on us for decades and centuries, and are reaching crisis point, especially for those living in poverty in those areas of the world most affected by climate change. While few of us can make a big impact on our own, if each of us changes our behaviour (reduce, reuse, recycle – switching to sustainable energy sources, using our purchasing power to reduce our carbon footprint) then together we can have that big impact. And we can pray (especially for the world leaders discussing these issues at the Glasgow COP26 conference next month), and make sure that we are well-informed. Richard Wise encouraged us along this road in his harvest sermon for us on 3 October. If you would like to re-read that sermon, please get in touch with Stephen Collyer.
Christian Aid is joining with the Young Christian Climate Network for Rise to the Moment – a journey of prayer and action in the run up to COP26. Here are some links to help us engage and change:
Prayer boat activity pack
COP26 prayers
COP26 breakfast briefings
And as always please consider giving to Christian Aid’s mission to help families around the world to overcome poverty and injustice, wherever the need is greatest.
Here are some more prayer resources for us as we support COP26 with our prayers:

Faculty Documents

For details of our faculty application download the zip file containing the documents using the link to the right – St Peters Faculty Application